Welcome, and what this is all about

7d8818a5-34f5-4627-a0d3-32a91099335dWelcome to the Red Cotton Studio blog, where I plan to document my journey to earning income in the craft world.

While I have been a crafter and a maker off and on since I was a child, I have never considered myself to be particularly skilled. For me, making things has either been about having fun, or being practical.  Sometimes both.

But it has never been something I have considered doing in any ‘professional’ way.  Until now.

Right now it is time for me to try something new.  That is why I have decided to challenge myself to see if I can combine my love of making things with actually being able to make money doing it.

It is important to point out that am starting from a base of absolute zero.  I have never sold a single thing I have made.  I have never taught a craft class.  I have never developed a pattern.

Can I do it? Can I develop the skills – crafting, teaching, and business skills – to develop a successful enterprise?

That is what I plan to find out.

And I certainly don’t expect instant success!  I know developing a craft business is likely to take a while and I have no intention of quitting my day job.

But, with kids to support, my husband and I can always use a bit more income.  So this is going to be my side hustle.

So, welcome to my experiment.  I plan to share what I do and what I learn.  Hopefully this record of my efforts, my successes – and most definitely my failures – will be of some help and interest to others. Especially if you – like me – yearn to do creative work even though you don’t have formal “creative” qualifications like a degree in fine art, design or fashion.

Here is my chance – and yours – to find out if someone entrenched in an interesting but pretty serious government career (i.e. me) can successfully launch a creative enterprise, have fun and make some money in the craft world!


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