Crochet projects

Work in progress

I have started a new crochet project.  I’m using a more bulky yarn that I’ve used before, but it is crocheting up nicely.

Here are some pictures of the work so far.

A sneak peak of work so far.
A sneak peak of work so far.
A different view.
A different view.

Can you guess what it is?  No, it’s not a rug, or a giant coaster.

So long as it works out, it’s going to be a bag!

The pattern called for 10 ply yarn and a 4mm hook. Unfortunately I wasn’t buying at my usual yarn shop – The Crafty Frog – where I get lovely helpful service.

So, in this other shop I couldn’t find anything labelled as 10 ply, and when I asked I was told some yarn companies are moving away from putting the ply on their labels. The shop assistant suggested I use the tension square markings on the labels to work it out.  So I had to guess whether the yarn was right by finding one yarn labelled as 8 ply and another one labelled 12 ply and then comparing the tension square markings.  I then found some yarn where the tension square seemed to be somewhere in between and decided to call it 10 ply! Pretty scientific right?

Once I got the yarn home I tried a couple of hook sizes and settled on a 4.5mm one.  A 4mm may have been slightly better in terms of giving me a tighter stitch, but I just felt the 4.5mm was a bit better to manage the thickness of the yarn.

I’m thinking of lining the bag with fabric in the end.  So, that should mean any openness of the stitches is less of a concern.  And hopefully the bag will also hold its shape better when it ultimately gets filled with an assortment of stuff.

I’ll report further on this project when it is more advanced.