Decisions about where to start

If I am going to make money from craft I am going to have to figure out some revenue streams.  The most obvious place to start is to begin selling some finished products I’ve made.

The obvious places to do this include markets and craft fairs, selling on consignment, selling items wholesale to a retailer and selling online.

I have decided to focus on the online option for the moment.  This is mainly because I have plenty of calls on my time with a family and a day job.  The hours required to have a market stall seems too difficult at the moment.  Also, I would need a lot of stock all at once for a market stall.

(I realise getting noticed online will be also be difficult without much stock – but at least it is possible to start with a small number of items and gradually build it up.)

Selling on consignment or wholesale may also be good early strategies, but I need to sequence my efforts – so online it will be to begin with.

Apart from the fact that I can build it up gradually, online selling also appeals because the sales can happen while I am doing other things.  I can produce and upload products for sale at times that work around my other commitments.

However, on the downside I know selling online will likely result in a slower start and it may take quite a while to build any momentum.  But this is something I will just be aware of.

In the online world there are various sale options.  But I will start with Etsy.  Etsy is big and well established.  I’ve heard of it and so have many other people.

I know there are other similar sites – examples includehandmade.com.au, Hardtofind.com.au, Madeit.com.au, Bigcartel. But the (little) research I’ve done seems to suggest people have the best experience with Etsy.

I may explore some other online options down the track once I am comfortable with using Etsy, but for the moment I will concentrate on one thing at a time.  And for the moment Etsy will be that one thing.

Facebook will probably be a close second.  I’m familiar with Facebook as a regular user, so I’m halfway there.  But I am seeing other crafters making successful sales through Facebook, so I think I’d like to give that a go too.

I have registered a store on Etsy and am half-way through the set-up process.  When it is fully operational with at least one actual product in it I will do the big reveal and tell you the name of my shop.